Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kind and Generous

Remember yesterday's post, when I said that I'd have to dole out the thanks in two posts because both situations deserved their own?

Here's the second of those.  :D

Yesterday I talked about my wild and crazy Saturday - well, our Sunday was pretty full too!  My friend Casey is going into the Navy in about a week and there was a going away party for him at his dad's house.  Casey's aunt (his dad's sister) happens to be one of my oldest Fondy friends, Suze Fiebig (this happens a lot in Fond du Lac - everyone is connected somehow).

Suze and I go way back - I met her in '99 when we were both ushering for Fond du Lac Community Theatre.  She admitted to me some years back that when she first met me, she thought I was Squaresville but then soon realized that I was anything but (this is the first impression I make with a lot of people, I think - I don't dress funky AT ALL, my hair is short and very mom-like and I use a lot of 50-cent words.  But then they get to know me and I think that impression changes).  :D 

Back in 2001, Suze opened a gallery called EC2.  It featured local artists and it was housed in this beautiful Tudor-style home.  There were fabulous exhibits and receptions and I loved it there.  It was my first encounter with the artists in our area and although I certainly didn't include myself in their circle, I knew then that I liked this group of people.  I never dreamed that I'd be one of them someday!

It was around this time that my circumstances changed and my first husby and I separated and then divorced.  I sort of dropped out of sight for awhile and I also started working full time.  I would see Suze occasionally because she was a member of the Home Builders Association where I worked and her beautiful photography graced my office's walls.  When I started working for The Reporter, though, I didn't see her for quite a while, as sometimes happens when one switches jobs.  When we would get together, though, it was always a blast.

Then I quit my job and we formed Fond du Lac Visual Arts.
Suze was instrumental in the formation of our group.  Her curation expertise is much needed and, along with president Trista Holz, they are the backbone of it.  Suze is also a very talented book artist and collagist, and that's where we come full circle.

Before we headed to Casey's party, we stopped at Suze's house because I had some entries in our next exhibit to drop off (it's called Cover to Cover, and it's a book arts exhibit!  SO excited!).  But Suze took Brian and me to her studio to show us her own artwork for the show AND she also had some more stuff for me.

I never thought that I'd be graced with THIS!!!  Yes, all of the books you see above now belong to me.  Suze was at the annual AAUW book sale (more on this amazing sale in a later post) and thought I'd like them.  Isn't that so sweet?  But this is nothing new - she is very generous in this regard.  I've since used a lot of the stuff in my art but you should see the ephemera I got for my birthday!

It is this kind of gesture that defines Suze.  She is very giving with her friends, whether it be art supplies, letters, notes or a kind word just when you need it.  I count myself very fortunate to be a part of her world.  Thank you for being part of mine, Suze!  :D


  1. What a great gift and a great friend!!

  2. Oh My Mel - what a wonderful gift - I can imagine all the "art" that will come from these books - our local AAUW sale is coming up soon - I need to check it out!