Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keeping this Going

My wonderful sister Jen is coming to visit this morning so I spent a couple minutes tidying up last night.  In my picking up, I noticed that there were a lot of scraps laying about that are "unusual" - brochures, tickets, flyers, instructions, advertisements - that we normally don't have around.  As you can see, they're all quite colorful, which I think is a must these days.  Gone are the days when you can print something in B&W or one color and people will take note.  That's kind of sad, isn't it?  I think it says something about our attention spans, too, but that's a whole other subject.  :D

I was going to recycle all of these items in one fell swoop but then I had a thought:  what will someone think of these scraps in 40 years?  Will they still exist in 100?  Should I try an experiment and see if that can happen?  Of course I won't know firsthand whether or not these items survived for a century, but I can try it, right?

So last night I decided that I'm going to start a box for nothing but modern-day ephemera.  I'll add some coupons that I didn't wind up using; a full magazine or two (probably Real Simple and Professional Artist, two of my faves); instructions; a phone book (one of the last, maybe?); candy wrappers; photos (if I ever get them developed, that is!); business cards; placards; a 2011 newspaper and various sundry objects that aren't important (implied, I guess, since it's ephemera!).

I suppose one could call this a time capsule but since it'll be ongoing I prefer to call it my Perpetual Ephemera Depository.  Maybe I'll even make a sign for the box.  I should probably use one of those Sterilite boxes and keep the stuff dry and away from light.  I'll add to it when the mood strikes; it'll be totally random.  Since I'll be long gone by the time it's supposed to be used/thrown out/cherished/ogled, it won't matter to me what becomes of it.  My dream for it, of course, would be for someone to make art with it.  :D

Should we all do this?  Should we start Perpetual Ephemera Depositories all over the world?  Imagine how fun it would be to compare collections!  Maybe we could share photos! 

Let's do this!  If this sounds like fun to you, e-mail me a photo of your new collection (my e-mail address is in my profile).  After we get a bunch of photos, I'll put them up here so we can see how we're doing.  From time to time we can check in on one another and see how the collection is growing.  I'm going to try and contain mine to just one box.  I said I'd try - I didn't say I'd succeed.  :D

And of course, here are some pieces I've done with just such flotsam and jetsam - two of my favorite words in the English language, by the way!  Detritus is another, and that counts here too.

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