Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Feel Pretty....

There's a quote from Oscar Wilde that goes, "A man's face is his autobiography; a woman's face is her work of fiction."

It does have a grain of truth in it - I've always been a little jealous that guys don't have to slap on the war paint before they go out (Adam Lambert and Boy George are obvious exceptions to this rule).  Ironically, I used to wear a lot more makeup in my twenties than I do now - in fact, unless it's a very special occasion, I never wear anything more than eyeliner, my one staple.

Why do I even wear that, though?  I know that it's there, but I doubt anyone else would notice if I didn't wear it.  Maybe all I'd get is a "you look tired today" quip (which, by the way, is rude.  Don't ever tell anyone that, because how is that person supposed to answer - "thanks!"?).

I love old cosmetic labels and vintage make-up ads!  It's really fun to see how things have changed in the last ninety years or so.  A lot of my labels come from Buerger Bros. out of Denver.  From the brief history I could find online, it appears that four brothers formed a barbershop in 1885 and moved into their own building in 1930, where they had a wholesale showroom on the ground floor and subsequent floors were used for housing supplies and manufacturing their products.  As you can see, the labels are gorgeously Art Nouveau and very pretty - certainly items you'd want to showcase on your vanity table.  It appears that the company went out of business in 1972 and their Denver headquarters are now high-end loft condos.

Another fabulous line that no longer exists is the Princess Pat line.  These labels are so Art Deco, aren't they?  I could find very little history online but in the Encyclopaedia of Perfume it says that the company was established by Lucilee Young in Chicago circa 1930 and that it later traded under the name  'House of Gordon'.  I wish I had more info on the line, but my searches turned up nil.  

My first experience with make-up was seeing my mom apply her cake eyeliner when she'd go out, which was rarely.  Even though it was the more-casual Seventies, she always dressed up to go to the dentist or travel downtown.  Whenever I smell Charlie perfume, I always think of those trips and it brings back wonderful memories.  Mom doesn't wear Charlie anymore; she's graduated to Donna Karan.  :D

I don't deny anyone's right to do what they please in the beauty ritual department, but I do find it a tad odd that men are paying so much more attention to their "routine".  When I was growing up, unless one were a TV anchor, men never wore concealer.  There were no product lines directed at men, except for cologne.  Funny how the tide turns, isn't it?

Here are some cards I've done using my cosmetics labels - they're really fun to work with!


  1. Isn't it, Ronna? They don't make 'em like that anymore! :D