Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old Stuff Only

This is the third of four blog posts about my new advertisers! These folks are wonderful, personable people with whom I have dealt directly and I am proud to patronize. I hope you'll discover how great they are too!

Check out the name of this shop:  Old Stuff Only.  Now if that isn't a clue as to why I love this shop, I don't know what is!  :D

I came across Old Stuff only completely by serendipity - my Flickr friend Mandy and I were talking one day about our favorite collections (she's an Ephemeraologist too!) and she told me about this wonderful place where she gets a lot of her stuff.

When I looked at the home page, I believe I audibly said, "uh-oh".  Yes, I knew I was in deep upon the first click; with categories like "Paper, Checks and Blotters" and "Can Labels", is it any wonder?  My first visit to the site took me about two hours to get through everything.  I felt like I was on crack.

Don & Chris' Old Stuff Only is a fantastic place to start an instant collection.  It's a wholesale place, so you have to spend $20 per visit, but the items are such great bargains you get a LOT for the money.  They scour old places for new/old stock and pass the savings onto you.  Here's what they have to say about it:
"We are modern day treasure hunters. Locating and researching old warehouse and store stock is our passion. We work very hard to bring you vintage merchandise at truly wholesale prices. You can buy genuine vintage merchandise here for half or a third of retail without spending money for gas to find it!

Our family has been one of the largest suppliers of genuine vintage smalls to the trade for over 25 years. We guarantee that the items on this site are all genuinely old. They have come out of country stores, soda plants, dimestores, carnival supply houses, toy distributorships, etc. from all over the country. While they may show minor signs of aging, they will be in excellent condition. We spend a lot of time looking for these items and are proud to be able to supply you with them."

And supply they do.  All of the items that I've received from Old Stuff Only have been in tremendously good shape.  When I shop at Old Stuff Only I usually buy at least two of everything - one to keep and one to use in my artwork.  Now, if only I had more room to store it!

Thank you, Don and Chris for advertising on my blog - your store is phenomenal and I'm very glad it exists!

Be on the lookout for a gift certificate giveaway coming up - I'm going to pick a random day, so stay tuned!  You'll really want to be a part of it!

Here are some pieces I've done using items from Old Stuff Only:

"Ink & Flowers" ATC, using a Diamond Ink label

"Pride of the West" ATC, using old butter box and ice cream wrapper


  1. Love these vintage creations! So cool!

  2. Yes, Don and Chris are awesome! We were ordering from them back before these newfangled computer thingies were around.. :P

    Thanks for the mention, Mel. I'm glad you're having fun with the old ephemera!

  3. Mandy, I owe you a HUGE debt of gratitude for letting me in on your secret (but it's not so secret now!). :D What a great shop! :D