Friday, February 4, 2011

Manto Fev

This is the last (but certainly NOT the least!) of four blog posts about my new advertisers! These folks are wonderful, personable people with whom I have dealt directly and I am proud to patronize. I hope you'll discover how great they are too!

Manto Fev.  Manto Fev.  Manto Fev.

Nope, even after saying it three times fast, it still doesn't make sense.  But after visiting the shop online, you won't care either.  :D

I first discovered Manto Fev about five years ago in one of my magazines.  That name, the one I still don't get, was what drew me to the shop. I was intrigued.

Then I went in the online shop and dug.  And dug deeper.  And deeper still.  Two hours later, I emerged victorious with a cart full of ephemera and money left in my wallet.

There are so many reasons why I love Manto Fev:  the snarky comments about some of the products; the excellent customer service that Sara provides; the really reasonable prices; the arrangement of the site that leaves nothing to chance; and, of course - the ephemera.

More specifically, the POUNDS of ephemera that you can get for a buck or two (no exaggeration).  Yes, I very often order over a pound of paper items that, when it arrives, takes me a good hour to peruse.  There is all manner of pamphlets, brochures, typed letters, correspondence, envelopes, funeral items - you name it.  I just love it. 

If you're looking for embellishments?  Sara's your lady.  My favorite are the teeny-tiny crowns and the itty-bitty scissors that (GASP!) work.  Oh yes they do.  They not only move like real scissors but they actually cut paper.  Oh yeah.  I'm sure I own enough pairs to last me 'til Rapture, but I continue to buy them nonetheless.  They just make me happy.  :D

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sara for being such a great shop owner and online friend.  Stop in the shop and see for yourself - you won't be disappointed!  Check back to the blog often because over the course of the year we'll be doing giveaways for Manto Fev gift certificates - if you're lucky enough to win one, you'll be hooked for life!  :D

Here is some artwork I've done using items I've purchased from Manto Fev:

"On the Bias" ATC (notice the tiny scissors!)

"Thanksgiving 2010" pendant featuring Butterball pamphlet from "pound o' Ephenera"
"Crown" pendant featuring tiny crowns and matchbox label from Manto Fev!

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