Monday, February 21, 2011

Lotto Fever!!

I live in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  In some circles we're known as the Luckiest Place on Earth.  Indeed, the south portion of our Main Street was dubbed the "Miracle Mile" back in the mid-Nineties.  Why?

Well, we've had what can only be described as a freaky lucky streak when it comes to people buying winning lottery tickets.  One of the first happened back in 1993, when a Fond du Lacian named Les Robins won $111 million in the Powerball game.  He was a teacher in the school district at the time but used his winnings to open a summer camp called Camp Winnegator for kids living in and around our area. There were a number of other million-dollar winners but the largest jackpot ever won here happened in 2006, when 100 workers at the Sargento Cheese factory all won the $209 million prize.  The last time anyone won a million bucks here was three years ago, so I think we're due for another win.  :D

I personally don't play the lottery; I really enjoy my life and I'm not a gambler. That's just me, though - I certainly don't see anything wrong with others playing!

Of course for me, one of the best parts of the lottery is seeing the new game designs!  The Wisconsin Lottery does a nice job creating fun new games to play; a lot of them are plays on words with Wisconsin-related items, like MOO-la (we're the Dairy State, get it?).

I also love foreign and vintage lottery cards, naturally.  A few years back I began seeing these Loteria cards all over the place - Loteria is a Mexican card game similar to bingo.  Its roots are quite deep; the game was brought there in the 1400s.  The latest incarnation of cards is very colorful and fun and you can find them all over the Internet for quite cheap!

I love these vintage Peruvian lottery cards - I can see why someone kept them!  Aren't they beautiful?  I love that they're over 60 years old, too.  As is the case with so much of the stuff I collect I love pondering the reason why these still exist - were they a gift from someone?  Were they purchased at a corner store during a first date?  Was someone's future riding on whether or not they won?  Or, like me, did they just enjoy the graphics and the ephemeral nature of the tickets? 

And speaking of ephemeral, how about these pull-and-peel lottery cards?  Of my collection, I'd say these count as the most throwaway.  And yet, I actually purchased these and I love 'em!  I love all the numbers, I love the old fonts used, I love the tiny bit of decoration on the ends - they're just cool.

And because they're so colorful and graphic-filled, they're perfect for collage art!  Here are a few examples of how lottery items can be used in art:

"Devilish" ATC

Sweet Little Sixteen pendant - available in my Etsy shop

"Dear Uncle Al" ATC

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