Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Okay, I'll admit it - up until about six or seven years ago I poo-poohed cruises.  I figured there was no way being stuck on a ship for a week could ever constitute a good time.

And then Brian and I went to Alaska.

It was wonderful!  The scenery was spectacualar, of course.  But I discovered, like so many before me, the joys of getting on the boat and not having to worry about anything else the entire trip.  We visited five or six ports of call and we didn't have to pack up each time.  We went whale watching and the whole thing was taken care of by the staff.  The food was AMAZING.  The entertainment was great.  We had a balcony room.  We went with friends, too, so that was a hoot.

I will never dismiss cruise lines again!

I do wonder what cruising was like 100 years ago, around the time of the Titanic.  It seems so romantic, doesn't it?  Especially the Cunard line (they're the ones who had the QEII).  Everything about travel at that time - the posters, the advertisements, the luggage stickers - evokes a life of pure luxury.  But I wonder how our ideas of luxury would stack up against those of a century ago - something tells me there'd be a lot of complaining if things were the same today (remember, this was pre-air conditioning!).

I got these incredible luggage tags in an ebay lot about five years ago - some of them are linen-backed and many are from the same person!  And the places she went - Hong Kong! Paris! Kobe! Sweden!  From what I can gather from the rest of the ebay items this family owned a chain of hotels in the Chicago area in the 20s, so they had the means to travel.  Even so, I get a kick out of the Dollar Steamship Lines!  Imagine what kind of trip that would get you today!

And yes, I have used some of these labels in my artwork - ain't nothin' like the real thing!


  1. OK, I can't believe how many "likes" we have in common ... I *adore* old travel ephemera ... tags from trunks, old paper airline tickets and luggage tags with string(are you old enough to remember those?) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the traveling ephemera. It looks like you have a fabulous collection. I love what you created with the tags too. Fantastic! TFS!

  3. Ha ha - yep, Trina! I remember luggage tags with string! I wish I had some of my own personal ones still! :D Curlyq, thank you for the lovely compliment! :D I love using these tags because they're linen-backed and have a lovely heft to them. BTW, what does TFS stand for? :D