Friday, February 25, 2011

At the Movies

It's Oscar time!  Do you plan on watching the Academy Awards?  I really do love watching this awards show -  it's the only awards show I watch besides the Emmys and the Golden Globes.  I know a lot of people watch for the fashion aspect of it, but I really just want to see how the voting plays out.

This year Brian and I have seen a few of the nominated movies, mainly because some of them are out on DVD already.  Of the 10 Best Picture noms we've seen The Social Network, True Grit, The Kids are Alright, and Inception.  I liked them all but of the four I think my least favorite is The Social Network.  I hope The King's Speech wins Best Picture because then we have a shot of it coming to our town for even just a week.

Our movie watching goes in spurts.  During the summer we see so many more - that's the time we reactivate our Netflix account due to TV being in reruns.  We're both really picky about the movies we see - we're not going to waste our time/money on something that will probably be on TV in a year.  I really like documentaries, although Brian doesn't necessarily share my passion, especially if they're political.  We both agreed that Typeface was awesome.  :D

I've also gotten Brian into seeing some of my favorite old movies, like The Graduate and It's a Wonderful Life (in its entirety). 

I love old movie memorabilia, but here's one category that everyone else loves too - hence, it's harder to find cheap movie stuff, and lots of it.  But as you can see in the photo, I try and keep my movie stubs.  :D

One of my favorite movie finds is this handbill from 1919 - isn't it AMAZING?!? I found it at Old Stuff Only (and they have a few left!).  I find it incredible that it's almost 100 years old.  Isn't it wild that we're entering a time where we will soon be able to call old movies a century old?  Some of them have already past that milestone, although most of us haven't seen them unless you took a film class in college (I did, and I thought they were BORING.  Sorry, film buffs!).  This is one of those instances where you're not going to see me use this in a collage - although I could!  It was cheap enough.  Maybe I'll get another one!  :D

I love this old Movie Play magazine from 1964!  It's a great snapshot into what people liked that year.  I'd bet that you could capture the zeitgeist of a particular year more accurately with a movie magazine than with an old Life.  Movies so often reflect changing attitudes before the rest of the country follows suit.

I'd love to go back in time and see what it was like to watch a movie in the 50s or 60s.  I'm sure the biggest change would be the smoking - on second thought, maybe I'll stick with the present, even if the ticket prices are far more expensive.  :D

I've done a couple of pieces pertaining to movies, mainly with my ticket stubs:


  1. Fabulous creations with your movie ephemera! Very visually interesting and unique!

  2. Thank you so much, Amy! :D Movie stuff is so fun to work with! :D