Friday, February 25, 2011

And the Paper Flea Market GC goes to....

Spiralmoon Studio!  Congratulations, JayLene - you are the winner of the $20 Paper Flea Market gift certificate!!  :D

I'll let Trina know that you've won and give her your e-mail address (you can send yours to me via my email address in my profile).  Oh, and have fun spending your money there - you get a LOT for 20 bucks! 

Thanks so much to all of you who entered the contest!  There are plenty more opportunities for giveaways coming up very soon - keep on entering! 

Happy Friday, Mel


  1. Hmm...will the real JayLene please stand up? :D

  2. Okay, it's Monday and the winner still hasn't come forward - if I don't get a response by Wednesday at noon CST, I'm drawing a new name! Stay tuned....