Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

I was born in Nevada.  My parents lived in Reno for a couple of years in the mid-to late-Sixties and I was a "surprise" from their stay there.  So was my sister, but mom & dad had moved back to Green Bay by the time she was born.  :D

Growing up I'd hear stories about how lucky my dad was - in Nevada, at least in the Sixies, there were slot machines EVERYWHERE - even in the men's room in gas stations.  My parents didn't have a lot of money but the few times that my dad did try his luck (and they were dime slots back then), he won at least ten bucks (I didn't inherit the slot machine luck gene), which could get you one fine steak dinner for two!

My parents also went to Tahoe a few times when they were out there - in fact, they spent their honeymoon there.  And when they'd talk about this part of the world, it all at once seemed glamorous and....boring.  I mean, Don Rickles?  Really?

Of course now, it sounds wonderful.  From my parents' accounts and all of the ephemera I have of Vegas (and other cities surrounding it) in the Sixties, it seems to me this wasn't a place you'd take your family on vacation.  This was an adult playground, in more ways than one.

I've only been to Vegas once, and that was in 1999.  When I was there, I was shocked to see so many kids!  Vegas was still pretty cheap then, compared to now - and it was before they rolled out their very adult "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" slogan.  I think they're actually trying to make it less kid-friendly again.

But I love the idea of "adults only" - not in a lascivious way, but just a place where there aren't any kids.  If you want to take your kids on vacation with you, there's always Disney World.  :D

I've used some of my Vegas ephemera in my cards - they definitely have an "adult" slant to them:


  1. so excited to have stumbled upon your blog (through facebook). I'd love it if you'd add one of your collections to my Collect Share post. I know a lot of my readers love ephemera.

  2. Wow! Thank you for that really nice comment, Selena! :D I've been searching around your site and it's wonderful! I even posted on of my blog entries on the Collect Share post - thank you so much for the invite! :D Cheers!