Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time to Get Away

I live in the Midwest, and it snowed - again.  This is really not breaking news; I've lived in Wisconsin nearly my whole life and aside from a stray warm winter here and there, it's gonna snow.  We're used to that.

But you can tell we're nearing the mid-point of winter.  The cabin fever is setting in.  It's gray a lot of the time.  People are talking about the "winter doldrums".

Time to start planning that vacation!

There's really nothing like a vacation to renew your spirit.  I think that the planning is just as fun!  What sites are we going to visit?  What fun new restaurants are we going to try?  Can I hit an antique store or two without poor Brian wishing he had gone alone?  :D

All of this wishful thinking is not lost on the travel industry, as we know.  The concept of a "vacation" as we know it, however, is a pretty new one.  Before the Industrial Revolution people didn't have any leisure time and if they did, they were so wealthy that they traveled the way mere commoners couldn't anyway.  We were an agrarian society and, as many folks in my neck of the woods know, those cows ain't gonna milk themselves.

So you combine new free time and the invention of the airplane and suddenly the whole world opens up!  In the "Golden Age" of travel (1920s-60s), people actually dressed up to board a plane.  What a concept!  I kind of wish it would return to that!

I've gotten some wonderful travel brochures in my ephemera pack purchases over the years - here are just a few.  I especially love the European ones - it's become so expensive there in the last ten years or so that it's not an option for a lot of people.  But in the Fifties and Sixties, Europe was THE place to go.  It all looks so exciting, doesn't it?

And of course, I love using these brochures in my artwork!  They're so colorful and fun!

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