Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Study Ephemeraology with me!

Do you like ephemera (I think you do!)?  Would you like to take a class and learn how to "Take the discarded and make it arted"?  :D

Then join me in beautiful downtown Manitowoc the weekend of July 28!  I'll be teaching at Inspire my Life, a new retreat set up by the wonderful and energetic Kim Geiser of Persimmons.  Kim has been making art her whole life and has been featured in such magazines as Cloth Paper ScissorsBelle Armoire, Somerset Studio, and Bead Unique.  Those of you who live in NE Wisconsin may also recognize Kim from her appearances on Good Day Wisconsin, where she's demonstrated thrifty ways to make Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations!

The retreat is a three-day event filled with all kinds of different classes in all sorts of mediums.  The classes will be a la carte and very reasonably priced, which is very important to Kim.

There will be more information after May 1, but be sure to keep this fun weekend in mind when making your summer plans!  You can also follow Inspire my Life right here on Blogspot so that you're kept in the loop.

I hope to see you in Manitowoc in July - you'll love it!  And here are just a few examples of what you can do with all types of ephemera:  

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