Sunday, January 30, 2011

Show n' Tell Sunday

I had an idea, and I thought I'd give it a try - it's called Show n' Tell Sunday!

Isn't this marvelous?  I got it at a place called Old Stuff Only.  I nearly squealed when I found it there - and it's completely intact!!

Judging by the Pan Am logo and the $1.49 price tag I'm going to say that this supermarket toy is, at the very youngest, 30 years old (Pan Am's been out of business for 20 years, too). 

This toy satisfies so many of my ephemeral loves:  supermarket items, airline ephmera, tiny vintage toys.  And the fact that it's intact is just astonishes me - it's probably been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for the last 30 years.  Amazing!

Okay, I've done my share of Show n' Tell - now it's YOUR turn!  :D  If I get some interest, every Sunday I'll showcase another item of ephemera from your collection that you love.  Tell us all about it - you know we'd love to hear!  Just contact me using the e-mail address in my profile and if you're the real deal I'll ask you for a photo, too (please don't send one beforehand - I don't open attachments if I don't know who they're from).

So whaddya say?  What's the neatest item in YOUR collection?  Write to me and we'll talk!

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