Thursday, January 13, 2011

Say What?

A while back I got an AMAZING lot of Cinderella stamps (for more info on Cinderellas, read this post) from an Irish gentleman named Liam, who is a fervent collector (I had some Boys' Town stamps that he didn't have and wanted for his collection).  As you can see, he was very generous! 
It took me quite a while to go through the whole stash, but I stopped short when I came across these:

Holy smokes!  They're in Esperanto.  I mean, when's the last time you heard about Esperanto being a movement?  I vaguely recall a push for it in the Seventies and, being a really geeky kid, actually looked into it at our library. 

Not a bad theory!  On the flip side, I also feel that keeping one's culture is important, and that includes the language.  But growing up the way and the time when Dr. Zamenhof did, I can definitely see why he wanted the change.  Perhaps ironically, you can even have your Wikipedia page translated into Esperanto, if you so choose!

But back to these stamps - I thought they were the only Esperanto source I had in my ephemera collection, until I discovered these dictionary pages that I had gotten in a pack:

Who knew?  :D

I haven't had these stamps for long, so I haven't made much art with them, but here are a couple items:


  1. There are quite a lot of Esperanto items on eBay!

  2. OOH - thanks for the tip, Bill! I'm going to have to look - this may be a new obsession for me! :D

  3. Zamenhof's stated purpose was not to replace everyone's native language, but to add a new language that was easy to learn and politically neutral. That way, people wouldn't constantly be forced to use languages where they were at a big disadvantage...there would be a neutral middle-ground for everyone to meet on.