Friday, January 7, 2011

More Phone time....

I got a new phone a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say that it's pretty nifty.  I love my new ring tones and I finally have a QWERTY keyboard so I can text my sister and nieces (most of my friends still don't text, thank goodness - I'd never get anything done!).  :D

But oh, I do miss the days of just a regular phone!  While I enjoy the safety and peace of mind my cell offers, I sort of miss being tethered to one spot and not being able to be reached anywhere.  I'm pretty certain that my generation will be the last to feel this way - Gen Y and the Millennials (and beyond!) will never know what the five previous generations experienced with the telephone!  And speaking of the "telephone", when will that word become obsolete? 

I did a post back in October all about my love for phone books (you may recognize the vintage phone book in the photo above!), but today I'm going to introduce my love of the phone itself through durable ephemera

Wait - DURABLE ephemera?  Isn't that sort of an oxymoron?  One would think so, but thank Jeebus there's an actual term for this stuff!  According to one of my fave sites,, durable ephemera are "those Advertising Signs, Souveniers and Tin or Wooden Advertising Boxes, ect.(sic)".  Hooray!!! 

I feel validated!  :D

In future posts I'll be expounding on my love of durable ephemera in its different forms.  But today, it's all about the phone.

I've picked up these marvelous items here and there (some on Etsy, some in antique or old/new stock stores) and if it's reasonably priced, it's goin' in mah cart.  I adore the miniaturization of anything in our culture so these fit the bill perfectly.  I always purchase items like these with the intent of using them in an assemblage piece, and I will create one someday - until then, they're just fun to have around.

I will get to those assemblage pieces one day but in the meantime, here are more art pieces that incorporate my love of old phones:

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