Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting your Friends Involved!

If you're reading this, and you're a collector/ephemera artist, how much stuff do you have?  Be honest....

Okay, good!  Now I don't feel so bad!  :D 

One of the greatest things about being an ephemeraologist is, well, getting new ephemera.  Or new-old ephemera.  Or just finding old stuff.  But it's the thrill of the hunt that makes it so fun.

I've discovered that even those who don't quite understand what it is we do are more than happy to help add to your collection.  The above photo is a case in point!

I have a friend Mary who travels A LOT.  I think she's been to all continents except Africa and Anarctica, but she's certainly not done traveling!  Most of the traveling she does is via cruise ship; she's a teacher so in the summer she and her husband are gone for weeks at a time sometimes.  It is truly their passion.

When Mary and I were talking about her travels a couple of years ago, I asked her if she happens to keep souvinirs of her trip.  She said she doesn't, really - she enjoys buying local foods (and chocolate!) and remembering her trips that way.  Once I knew that I wasn't going to be asking for things she may have kept for herself, I asked if she'd save any interesting labels or packages for me. 

Well, you should SEE the collection that I've amassed!  Let's just say that the ephemera in the above photo is a mere tip of the iceberg.  I just saw Mary at our annual community theatre holiday party and I got even more stuff!  She is very sweet, too - she actually said to me, "I love collecting this stuff for you, and now I've got my own sister collecting for you as well!".  Isn't that lovely?  :D

This will happen to you too, mark my words.  Once your family and friends catch wind of the types of items you collect, they'll be on the lookout for you.  My mom, brother in-law, mom in-law - I've gotten really neat things from them in the past couple of months as well (and I'll be talking about those things in a later post).  They're happy to do it, even though they may not understand why it's so thrilling.  And it's FREE!

Here are some of the artworks I've done using Mary's foreign labels:

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  1. Those are pretty neat! They remind me of a collage my daughter made for her scrapbook using wrappers from her favorite Mexican candy from a local Latin grocery store.