Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coke is it!

It used to be that you could tell a person by one very important question:  Coke or Pepsi?

Now?  Not so much.  The market is flooded with energy drinks and power drinks and vitamin drinks and designer soda and flavored water and all sorts of teas - the beverage aisle in the grocery store is enough to make one go bonkers!

If you're my age (42) or thereabouts, you very well remember the "Cola Wars" from the 80s.  What a heady time that must've been for both Coke AND Pespi - vying for the #1 soft drink spot in the country had to feel pretty good, even if you happened to be #2.  Imagine how poor RC Cola felt!  :D  I remember how much press coverage was devoted to "new" Coke, then Coke Classic, then the Pepsi ad debacle where Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire - it all seems so ridiculous now, doesn't it?

It is amazing to me that the old standbys have stood the test of time - Coke, especially.  Coke is one of those brands that everyone knows.  You could live in Tibet or the Peruvian Andes and still know what Coke is, even if you've never tried it.  I can count on one hand those brands that have such power, and they're still all US brands.

Coke is one of those brands that attracts rabid ephemera collectors.  I had a boss that was one of these people - she had a room in her house devoted solely to Christmas Coke stuff!  Now that's a niche ephemera market!  They've done a tremendous job feeding into that collecting frenzy, too - every year they come out with the commemorative tiny bottles that at some point you'll see in a "junque" shop near you, when the basement needs to be cleaned and that six-pack takes up space, and "why on earth do we have this anyway" spills out of one's mouth.

Never underestimate the power of nostalgia!

I don't have any artwork with the Coke logo on it - yet.  I bought those Coke disc thingies from Silver Crow Creations a while back but I just can't bring myself to tear into them - yet.  I will - nay, I MUST - at some point use them, or I will become a collector/hoarder and I don't want to go there.  :D


  1. personally - I'm a Coke gal and always will be

  2. Me too, Jewels, but my husby is a diehard Diet Pepsi/Mountain Dew guy. I actually don't drink soda anymore - I'll stick to my coffee. :D

  3. my father drove a coke truck briefly in the 60's and brought home a huge load of coke-themed christmas decorations of a cut-and-fold type. all through the 70's we would get some out every year and put them together.