Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Subscribe now and SAVE!

I love magazines.  You could say I'm addicted to magazines; that I'm a magazine-aholic.  J'adore les journeaux.

As a kid, I chose periodicals over novels any day of the week.  I had a pretty short attention span back then - my mom says that I could've cared less about a show and only watched when the commericals were on - so magazines fit perfectly with their short bursts of information.

Besides the regular kid fare like "Highlights", "Dynamite" and "National Geographic World", my parents subscribed to National Geographic and Time magazine.  I read them all.  As I got older it changed to Seventeen and Sassy, and then on to the Utne Reader and Atlantic Monthly, followed by Real Simple, Art Calendar, Ready Made, Everyday....well, you get the idea.  :D

One thing I'm not too keen on, though, are those ANNOYING subscription flyers that come with the magazine, even if one already subscribes!  I'm very surprised they still exist - you'd think that by now they could just run ads in the regular magazine that direct the person to the website - chances are one's smartphone is within arm's length.  Perhaps the publishers are afraid that if one is directed to the website, their interest will diminish or they'll forget why they were directed there in the first place.  I don't know.  But ooh, is it ever annoying to find these things laying about the house!
I will make one exception, however (as I always seem to do here) - when they're vintage subscription flyers!  With the vintage type, it just seems miraculous that these little guys survived, doesn't it?  Take, for example, the Better Homes and Gardens flyer here - it's from the November 1954 issue, and it was just resting in the front cover when I bought the magazine at the Kewaskum Antique Mall!  Doesn't that strike you as amazing?  I mean, if I were the one originally reading this magazine, I would've immediately thrown it in the trash (no recycling 56 years ago!).  Yet here it is, right in front of me, all these years later.  I wonder what would happen if I sent it in with a check?  :D

I haven't used many of these guys in my artwork yet, only because I'm trying to amass as many as possible and only use the duplicates.  But here are a couple examples:

P.S.  As I was getting the links to all the magazines, I was inundated by virtual subscription flyers, urging me to subscribe to the print version.  OY!

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