Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Christmas Seal Time!

Sometimes I feel, being the age I am, that I straddle the generations.  I was born in late '68 so I'm technically a Gen-Xer, but there are times where I feel like I relate more to my mom's generation, or even my dad's (my parents were 26 years apart; my late dad was born in '20 and my mom in '46).

One of the ways I feel older is when I remember something from my childhood that is now becoming obsolete.  It's weird when you realize that the world is changing, especially when it feels like a whole bunch of new inventions or ideas are pushing out the old ways pretty rapidly.

Take Christmas Seals, for example.  I haven't seen a Christmas Seal in ages - have you?  Yet as a kid, it seems like they were the little stamp that held together the top and bottom flaps of every Christmas card envelope! 

Being hooked on ephemera from a very early age, I always loved Christmas Seals.  There are some designs I remember more than others, like this one to your right (thanks to my friend Carolyn for finding these for me!).  The graphics are so bold, it's no wonder that they made an impression.  I'll bet many of you remember this one.  There are hundred of different types of Christmas seals but when I think of Christmas Seals I really think of the American Lung Association.  Did you know that they've been doing Christmas Seals for 103 years?!  In fact, you can see the entire collection of stamps on their Web site (my funky ones shown to the right are from 1973)!  As you can see, I also have stamps from the 30s, 40s and 50s.  Another wonderful thing about these seals is that they're quite a time capsule of design, from the very Art Deco stamp of 1939 to the fantastically quirky (and far more fun) design of 1958.
These days there are so many different ways to keep people mindful of charities around the holidays, and so many of us don't write Christmas cards anymore.  It makes me wonder how many more years of Christmas Seals we have.  Maybe in the future we'll just send them via text!

Because they're seasonal I don't have artwork using these beauts (yet!), but maybe I'll try one today.  In the meantime, Happy Holidays to you and yours!

UPDATE:  I finally made an ATC with my Christmas Seals yesterday (12/9)!  :D  Here it is:


  1. I know what you mean about "straddling". Love the Christmas Seals you have - and how you used in your ATC. Jewels

  2. Thanks Jewels! :D These little guys are so versatile and easy to use - you could even cut out the mailman guy and use him year 'round! :D Thanks for commenting! :D