Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye '10, Hello '11!!!

I'm going to get cliche here - I can't believe 2010 is behind us!  For me, it was a very long year in a very good way:  my new art life began on January 2 with the beginning of my art relationship with Pam Kueber, owner of the blog Retro Renovation.  I've been working with that fabulous blog ever since, making collages of readers' homes.  It has been an amazing journey, and one that has opened up many doors for me.

Because I'm lucky enough to call myself a full-time artist with a pretty flexible schedule, I have been able to explore many opportunities and learn many new things that perhaps I wouldn't have had the time to do before.  One of those things was this blog.

I only started this particular blog in May, but I love how it has grown!  I've got 42 followers, which just tickles me.  I love that you're out there, loving ephemera as much as I do.  I recently made the difficult decision to monetize the blog, but only on MY terms and with businesses that I patronize and adore.  If you notice, I've got my first advertiser on the right - ATC Quarterly, a wonderful zine put out by Ronna Mogelon out of Dunvegan, Ontario, Canada.  I've subscribed since the Spring of '07 and I read every issue from cover to cover.  If you like Artist Trading Cards, I highly suggest subscribing (deets are on the website).

There were many other wonderful things about 2010 - my "exhibit" at Art e-Zine; my collage winning the grand prize at the Citra Solv site; founding Fond du Lac Visual Arts with 5 other very talented artist friends, including my husby Brian; my artwork featured in a New Yorker blog article; having my artwork exhibited in our first-ever group show at the Windhover Center; teaching collage workshops - I could go on and on.  If my first year in Art Land was this great, how awesome is 2011 going to be?

It's going to be super awesome.  I look foward to putting more time into this blog, sharing stories and ideas about the fabulous intertwining of art and ephemera.  I hope you like what I have in store.

To everyone reading this - I hope you have a wonderful, Happy and SAFE New Year!  I'll see you in '11!  :D

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