Monday, December 13, 2010

A Generous Doppelganger

Want to hear a great Facebook story?

First, you have to admit something to yourself - that you've Googled your name.  Go ahead, there's no shame in it.  :D  It's kind of fun (and sometimes important!) to see where you show up on the interwebs, and it's also fun to see who shares your name.

Here is just such a story.

I'll have to ask my husband Brian who made the first move, but a couple of years ago he "friended" Brian Kolstad (CRAZY - he's a great photographer too!).  Now really, "Kolstad" is not a popular surname, unless you're in Norway.  Every Kolstad where I live is related to us.  But come to find out, more than halfway across the country, there is another Brian Kolstad.  And he turns out to be the coolest guy (I know of a third Brian Kolstad - he's a cop in Vegas.  But he spells his name B-R-Y-A-N, so it doesn't count.).  
How cool is "Doppelganger Brian", as I like to call him?  Well, he is the one responsible for this AMAZING stash of matchbooks.  I mean, seriously - how awesome is it that he would just do this because he knows I like stuff like this?!?  He asked me a while back if I'd like some matchbooks, and I said, "Sure!", thinking that he'd include like four or five in the package of t-shirts that he was already sending us (check out Duck Duck Goose Shirt Co.!).

But as you can see, he sent a few more than four or five.  WOWZERS!!!!  I am going to have FUN!!

So this blog entry is really just a big giant "Thank you" to the guy who shares my husby's name.  But he's become a friend of Brian's and mine as well, and that's just so cool.

I truly believe this kind of thing is why social media exitsts.  :D

While I'm here, I have to show you how much I love making art with matchbooks!  :D


  1. What a COOL stash!! And a great story, too!

  2. How funny - I was cleaning out a closet the other day and found a bag of old matchbooks that I thought I could use for collaging - and then I read your blog! Go figure - yes I agree "Doppelganger Brian" was very nice to give them to you. Jewels