Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Rational Moment....

Okay, I'll be the first to admit - I have a LOT of stuff (er, I mean, ephemera).  I'll be going through my various drawers and cabinets and say to myself, "Oh YEAH!  I totally forgot I had this!", which is like a mini shopping trip where you don't have to spend any money!  But something happened yesterday that made me hum the "Twilight Zone" theme song....

I have a box of fibers and sumptuous embroidery threads from my needlework days.  This box unfortunately came about when my former husby Dan and I were dividing up our stuff when we separated, and all of these fibers got thrown in a box.  As we were dividing up things, Dan threw in some old postcards and things that he knew I liked and he had no use for (he was always great that way).

I never took the fibers out of the box, because aside from the occasional patch on an ATC where I use these fibers, they're hardly used at all (but I'm certanily not going to throw them OUT!).  The other day I had the box open because I was looking for some silver thread to use for an ornament hanger when I came across this:

Isn't this incredible?!  And I swear I'd never seen it before the other day.  I KNOW I would've remembered it, because look what's inside:

I nearly let out a "WHOOP" when I saw them.  I can't believe what great shape they're in, and there's still FIVE left (I will NOT be using these little stamps in any collage anytime soon, unless commissioned to do so and the commissioner pays a hefty sum!).

I just looked to see when they're from and found this auction online - I guessed WWI judging by the Doughboy hat and the name on the front, and I was right.  So this coupon book is nearly 100 years old.  Here's another cool thing - it was Dan's grandfather's (his name's on the front - if you're wondering why his grandfather would've been in WWI, it's because he would've been nearly 80 when Dan was born).

Of course, now that I know this exists, it's Dan's if he wants it back.  But I kind of hope he doesn't.  :D


  1. What an amazing find! I've never seen anything quite like this. The discovery is such fun, isn't it? I collect lots of things too, and have finally found a place for some of them - my mixed media art.
    MidwestieLady on Etsy and ArtFire

  2. Linda - that's exactly what I use my ephemera for (don't know if you've read any of my other posts). :D I think a lot of artists are collectors - I've been into it since I was a kid! :D

  3. The "Military Entertainment Service" must have been a predecessor to the USO. Very cool!

  4. Thanks Dave! Yeah, and what I didn't show was the back of the tickets, which reads, "Plenty of hard work and clean fun make for vigor and manhood - the prime requisites for a soldier." - Newton D. Baker, Secretary of War

    Isn't that great? :D