Friday, November 5, 2010

On the Map

WOW!  It's been far too long since I've written - what a crazy couple of months October and November are turning out to be!  But I'm glad to be back!

With all of the things happening in and around Fond du Lac, where I currently live, neither I nor Brian have been able to travel much.  In fact, we haven't really taken a trip far away at all this year, which in one way is good because we were able to save more money.

But in so many other ways, that's bad!  I love to travel.  Hotels, new restaurants, fun sightseeing - I love it all.  So I suppose it's no surprise that I ADORE maps.

I love maps of all kinds.  I even took a fabulous workshop called "Personal Geographies" with the amazing Jill K. Berry last year.  It taught me to see my own journeys in a cartographic sense.

I am terrible with directions.  I always have been.  And I come by it naturally - my mom and Grammie are not so hot, either.  Good thing I married Brian - I always kid that he has a steel plate in his head - the man can go somewhere ONCE and remember how to get there.  I wish I had that ability!  Sometimes it takes me five times before I remember!

But oh, do I love the design of maps.  The compass roses, the little scale lines, that gorgeous light blue that seems ubiquitous on road maps, the tiny highway signs, beautiful globes - it's all wonderful.  I suppose some people may argue the validity of maps in the ephemeral sense - we do use them more than once, after all - but more and more, they're becoming dinosaurs.  Now that so many people are using their GPS devices to find their way, maps seem almost quaint now.  Which is a shame, in my opinion.  Map-reading will eventually be a lost art if we rely on electronics and satellites to tell us where to go. 

It sure is easy to obtain old maps!  I find them all over the place - junque shops, antique stores, closeouts - you name it, you'll be able to find old maps.  And, as you probably have surmised by now, I LOVE using them in my artwork - so much so, in fact, that I started my own Flickr group called Map Art (I was shocked to learn that a similar group didnt' exist!).  Here are some of my favorite collages I've done with maps:


  1. Very Cool! Love the one with the Parking Meter!

  2. Thanks Linda! I hope maybe I've inspired you to do some map art of your own! :D

  3. Thank you Ronna - and thank you also for being so supportive and featuring my stuff in ATC Quarterly! :D