Friday, October 15, 2010

Light 'em Up!

Neat-o printed matches, circa 1950s
 Here's something you don't see too often anymore - matchbooks!  Even rarer?  Matchboxes!

Actually, I should be more specific - you don't see these items with advertising on them anymore.  It seems as though companies don't want to be associated with smoking, even in the most abstract of ways (there are other uses for fire, after all!).

Remember when you could go into virtually any establishment and pick up a book of matches?  Even the grocery stores had them!  It sort of served as their calling card, and really - what a great idea.  Every time you lit that match you'd see the name.  If you were at a fancy restaurant or on vacation, many times that matchbook or box would make a great souvenir.

I'm trying to think of the last time that I found any matches anywhere, and I'm going to say it was about 8 years ago at Fusion nightclub in downtown Fondy.  They had these adorable (and probably very expensive!) little matchboxes, where the wooden matches had green tips.  Very fancy.

Of course, you still see "matchbooks", but instead of matches they now contain tiny notepads - this practice is very popular at weddings, with the couple's name and wedding date printed on the front.  It's a nice little favor.

I LOVE old matchbooks and matchbox labels (I don't have room for the whole box!).  I use them very frequently in my artwork - the graphics are super fun and you can find one for nearly any topic!

"Baseball" ATC

"Let's Eat!" ATC

"Et Red" ATC

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