Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Clippin' Coupons

Coupons - they seem pretty ubiquitous, don't they?  I grew up with my parents clipping as many as possible - I mean, they, along with nearly everyone else on the block got the Sunday paper, so why wouldn't they use coupons?

In my quest for the most interesting coupons, I discovered something - that before about 1963, the coupons as we know them didn't exist.  Isn't that odd?

I myself am an avid coupon-clipper.  Brian and I still get the Sunday paper (for more reasons than just the coupons) but I also get a lot of mine online by signing up for companies' newsletters and money-saving offers (like General Mills, Bisquick, Proctor & Gamble, Betty Crocker, Campbell's, etc.).

Check out these fantastic coupons from the mid-Sixties!  Not only are they gorgeous to look at, just imagine how expensive they were to print!  Most of this type of coupon were printed in ladies' magazines like Woman's Day or Good Housekeeping, although I have found a few in old Better Homes & Gardens as well.  I love how they each have a little "story" on them besides the actual coupon.

Some of the oldest in my collection are not really "cents off " coupons like we've come to know but more like premium coupons, similar to trading stamps.  The Nabob and Red Scissors coupons are good examples of this.  You'd redeem these for other, more expensive items.

And finally, here are some more recent coupons - this batch is from between the late Seventies and the late Eighties.  It's funny - to me, they look a lot older than they actually are (that mayo coupon is from 1984).

If you're interested in seeing or reading more about vintage coupons or just old logos, here are a few of my favorite places to find fun artefacts:

Different but the Same:  a fantastic blog whereby a comparison is made with the old vs. new logo.  For example, Bounce fabric softener was recently featured.  What's more, you can vote on your favorite.  I almost ALWAYS vote for the old logo of any given product (surprise, surprise!).

Clip and Save:  If you're on Flickr (and you really should be if you're not!), join this fantastic group!  I'm astounded at all of the amazing coupons that exist.  I also get a kick out of the odd amounts - 7 cents off, 12 cents off, etc.

And of course, I love using coupons in my artwork!  Some of those older beauts may have to wait, though - I'm not sure if I can tear into those just yet!  :D


  1. I love your collection! What a great idea. The Mad Men prop master would probably kill for those coupons -- have you seen this photo story? http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20302134_20309881,00.html

    Lauren Sodano

  2. Fun posting! Love the graphics on those coupons and I love your coffee and meat pieces!!!

  3. Great post, Mel! Gotta love the pre- barcode scanner coupons, where the cashier had to deduct the cents amount on the register by hand.

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone! It seems I'm not the only one who likes vintage coupons! :D I appreciate that!