Monday, June 7, 2010

Cinderella Stamps

Although you may not have heard them defined as such, nearly everyone has seen a "Cinderella" stamp before - remember Easter and Christmas Seals?

I must admit - up until about three years ago, I didn't know what a Cinderella was either!  I was looking on ebay for different types of Easter Seals (mainly foreign) and that's when I kept hearing the term.  And then I kept looking - well, if you're a collector, you know where that gets you!  :D

I was amazed at all of the different type of "Cinderellas" out there!  I found a really nice lot on Etsy for really cheap, especially considering what I got (some in the lot are over 100 years old).  If you take a look to your left, you'll see some fun advertising stamps: Western States Cutlery & Mfg., McKinnon All-Steel Reels, and Matchless Light pilot ignition lighter are some of my favorites.

I think my favorite thing about these stamps is that they're totally unnecessary and only used for advertising. 

To me, this is pure design for design's sake.  If I had been a kid when these were around, I know for a fact that I would've steamed them off of the envelopes to which they were attached.  I remember doing that for the Boys Town stamps, so I certainly would've done it for these beauts!  It's a shame that we probably won't see anything like this ever again; printing is so expensive and with so many people using e-commerce (or whatever it's called this week), it just wouldn't be worth the cost.

There are other types of cinderellas as well; in fact, a cinderella is technically defined as any stamp that isn't issued by the government.  So that goes for political stamps, commemorative stamps, revenue stamps, old ration stamps - all kinds of fun stuff.

As I was doing research for this blog post, I discovered that there is a Cinderella Stamp Club in London which was founded in 1959.  Now for an ephemera geek such as myself, I think this would be a blast. I could also become a member of this club if I wanted to but it's 18 pounds a year, or about 40 bucks.  It's nice to know that it exists, though!

Below are some cards that I made with the help of some of these fantastic Cinderellas - if you happen to come across any in your searches, consider adding them to your collection!  They're really fun to work with in your art!


  1. I love cinderellas :D I think I may have some old Easter seals type stamps for you somewhere, but I'm afraid "old" in this case is 1970s - a little too modern for ya!

  2. You are too generous, Carolyn! :D And you know me - I'll take any type of Cinderella, regardless of age - some of those 70s ones are pretty funky! :D