Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hello to All!

Hi!  Thanks for finding me!  Maybe some of you found me through my other non-art related blog, "Much Ado about Stuff".  If you did, glad to see you here! 

I thought about it a long time and figured I should have a separate blog for just my art.  And since ephemera is included in about 95% of my artwork, that's where I got the name "Ephemeraology".

I love working with items that were meant to be thrown away and finding a new life for them.  I've always been a collector of little bits of paper - remember the scene from "Catch Me if you Can" , where Leo DiCaprio's character is fleeing from the FBI and they find all of those labels in his "wallet"?  I LOVE that scene!  It's almost distracting for me; I'm supposed to be wondering how on earth a 17 year-old managed to foil the FBI, but all I can think about is getting my hands on those vintage Hunt's and Skippy labels!

The first ephemera I ever purchased were a packet of Diamond Ink labels at an antique fair that took place in our mall in 1982.  I was a freshman in high school, and I paid $2 for that packet of about 8 labels.  I remember that my sister thought I was quite foolish for using my babysitting money on something so dweebish.  But guess what - I still have them.  :D  I have used some in my work but some I'll just keep in my collection.

If you stumbled upon my blog hoping that it is ONLY about ephemera collecting, well - you're half right.  I can't make ephemeral art without talking about how wonderful the ephemera itself is (are?).  But I'll also be talking about ways you can work with ephemera in case you're interested in this type of art as well.

So whatever brought you here, welcome!  I look forward to talking about " paper stuff" and art with you all.  And remember - you can "take the discarded and make it arted".  :D


  1. Ah, it all starts with that innocent first purchase...Robert Brenner, who I think has the largest collection of vintage holiday ornaments in the world, started with one box he bought for $1 at an auction on a whim (He's not too far from you!

    Hooray for the new blog!

  2. Thanks for the well-wishes, Carolyn! :D And thanks for the link - you've made me feel ever so much better about my various collections! :D