Friday, May 21, 2010

Code Yellow

I've got to watch myself today - I have to make a trip up to Appleton (about 40 miles away) to get a present for Brian's niece, and up the corridor are about 5 different antique stores/malls.

Because of this threat, I'm calling today a "Code Yellow" (please refer to the above chart).  I'm going to go out on a limb and just assume that I'm preaching to the converted here, but doesn't it just make you crazy, passing by a place where you know all sorts of goodies are just waiting for a new home?

In Appleton, there is a wonderful, and enormous, antique mall (and of course by "antique", I mainly mean, "junque" - awesome stuff, just not Sotheby's awesome).  I have found incredible stuff there - old paper dolls, Life magazines for super cheap, miniatures, labels - every type of thing that I love.  I even found a few book titles that I had as a kid, and that I bought again just because I was in the mood for nostalgia.

I'm going to pose a question here - in the comment box, I would love to hear what you simply CAN'T pass up when you go to these places.  Labels?  Stamps?  Football programs?  Product brochures?  I'd bet that if 10 people wrote, I'd get 10 different responses.  So let us know what you like to collect!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put my blinders on so that I don't make any "wrong" turns.  Wish me luck!  :D


  1. old sewing trims and lace, zippers and such. Books in bad condition (so I don't feel guilty if I tear them apart). And buttons-lots of buttons!! Hope you stopped at at least one place to get your junk "fix".

  2. Ooh Kathi - those all sound like wonderful flea market finds to me! :D I did get some wonderful things, and all of it total was under 20 bucks! :D

  3. Cute code yellow post! What I collect depends on my current obsession. Lately it has been small metal doodads to use in my assemblage jewelry. Small-because I am running out of room!

  4. Oh yes, Kim - small metal doodads are a favorite of mine as well! I buy them never knowing what I'm going to do with them, but it's fun to have them regardless, isn't it? :D I am also running out of room - it's a terrible and wonderful problem all at the same time! :D